Our Handcrafted Ice Cream

One4Six were the first to put artisan Italian icecream on the map in Aylesbury when we opened the newly expanded site in Hale Leys in 2013.

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The tantalising Ice Cream made by our own fair hands

Our range of over 20 flavours goes above and beyond to cater for everyone and anyone’s tastes. We offer sorbets such as mango and lemon, which are 100% dairy free, and our icecream flavours range from Italian classics like Pistachio and Hazelnut to kids favourites including Mint Choc Chip and Bubblegum. The full range is always growing and evolving, we’re always looking for new ideas and flavours to create.

Each icecream is handcrafted at our Hale Leys site by one of our trained members of staff. We pride ourselves on using a continual production process, making smaller quantities more frequently so that the icecream you’re buying is fresh and at its best whenever you pay us a visit.

Our icecream range is available to buy at both our Aylesbury Hale Leys site and Willen Lake in Milton Keynes.

Strawberry Eton Mess

Vanilla and Strawberry ice cream with crunchy meringue pieces, fresh strawberries, chocolate curls and strawberry sauce with whipped cream.


Banoffee Crumble

Banana, Caramel and Vanilla ice cream topped with cheesecake crumbles, fresh banana, butterscotch caramel sauce and whipped cream.


Chocolate Brownie

A delicious warm chocolate brownie with your choice of ice cream, topped with whipped cream.


Nutty Nation

Chocolate, Vanilla and Donatella ice cream with chocolate peanuts and raisins, caramel sauce topped with chocolate curls and cream.


Banana Split

Fresh banana with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, fresh strawberries, candy sprinkles and whipped cream.


Apple Shortcake

A yummy warm apple shortcake topped with your choice of ice cream and butterscotch sauce and cream.


Coffee Crunch

Vanilla and Tiramisu ice cream, with crunchy amaretti biscuits, chocolate sauce, a shot of expresso and chocolate curls with whipped cream and a flake.


Neapolitan Delight

Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream with strawberry and chocolate sauce, smarties, chocolate curls, topped with fresh strawberries and cream.


Chocolate Fudge Cake

Very Chocolatey Chocolate Fudge cake with your choice of ice cream and whipped cream.


Cookies & Cream

Chocolate and Oreo Cookie ice cream, with biscuit pieces, butterscotch and chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings and whipped cream.


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